Hello! 🙂

Here’s our upcoming events happening at IFGF PINOLE
before we continue, make sure to check our website at ifgfpinole.org for everything you need to know about our church!

1. This coming fall, we are offering new classes for those who eager to learn more about God’s word.
A. The Basic Doctrine class
taught by our Pastor Sugi, M.Th.
First meeting: Tuesday, Sept 6 @
B. The New Testament Survey
taught by Ps Adrian Hendarta, M.Div
Sign up now by scanning provided QR code or you may go to ifgfla.com (scroll down to ifgfcollege section).
C. COME: I Am Saved
Starting second week of Sept.
This class is highly recommended for those who new to Christianity or new to this church.
You may scan the provided QR code or go to ifgfpinole.org/biblestudy

2. Holy Communion Service
Sunday, September 4th
10:30 AM at San Ramon Campus
2:15 PM at Pinole Campus
Let’s prepare our hearts for this special day as we are honoring His loving sacrifice,
having communion with the body and the blood of Christ together.

3. Activist Online Gathering (via zoom)
Let’s hangout and share lives together.
Saturday, Sept 10th
10 – 11 AM
Contact your Care group/Ministry leaders or DM us on Instagram @ifgfpinole for Zoom link.

4. Church Care Event
(Adult only 14+ years old)
Saturday, Sept 24 @10-12PM
425 Appian Way, El Sobrante.
We are going to continue taking care our church building that God has entrusted us.
Contact your Care group/Ministry leaders or DM us on Instagram @ifgfpinole if you need transportation.

 5. IFGF Pinole 2022-2023 Guide
We are excited to share our new edition of  IFGF Pinole 2022-2023 guide.
Check it out online at ifgfpinole.org/booklet
There are helpful pages to get to know about our church and the community and also testimonies from our blessed members! 

6. Join one of our Care Groups.
DM us on Instagram @ifgfpinole.
Or you can also talk to one of our pastors or leaders so we can help you connect!
Let’s connect and build deeper relationships together!

7. We minister and serve as a way to honor and worship God.
Come join a ministry today by DM us on Instagram @ifgfpinole
or filling out the ministry form directly through ifgfpinole.org/serve.
Let’s build the church together!

8. If this is your first time joining our service
or you live in the bay area and looking for a family in Christ
you are more than welcome to fill out our connect card – ifgfpinole.org/connect
Let’s get connected!