Hello Church!

Here are our upcoming events happening at IFGF PINOLE for the month of SEPTEMBER
Kindly check our website at ifgfpinole.org for everything you need to know about our church!

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1. Holy Communion Service
Sunday, Sept 3rd
San Ramon 10:30 AM & Pinole Campus at 2:15 PM.
Let’s prepare our hearts to honor and receive this Holy Communion.

2.  We would love to equip you by offering two Bible study classes this Fall 2023
a. COME – this class is designed for those who are new to IFGF Pinole and/ or new to Christianity. It’s going to be in-person meetings after Pinole Church
b. SERVE – this class is designed for those who are eager to learn on how to serve others as the body of Christ. This class will be held online.
Please register through ifgfpinole.org/biblestudy

3. IFGF Pinole guide book 2023-2024 is available online!
Go check it out at ifgfpinole.org/guidebook

4. How we can pray for you today? or Have your prayers been answered?
You may submit your PRAYER REQUEST or PRAISE REPORT to ifgfpinole.org/prayer

5.  Join one of our Care Groups.
DM us on Instagram @ifgfpinole.
Or you can also talk to one of our pastors or leaders so we can help you connect!
Let’s connect and build deeper relationships together!

6. We minister and serve as a way to honor and worship God.
Come join a ministry today by DM us on Instagram @ifgfpinole
or filling out the ministry form directly through ifgfpinole.org/serve.
Let’s build the church together!

7. If this is your first time joining our service
or you live in the bay area and looking for a family in Christ
you are more than welcome to fill out our connect card – ifgfpinole.org/connect
Let’s get connected!

That’s all our announcements for this month!
Enjoy the worship service! & have a blessed Sunday!