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Hello Church! 🙂
Here’s our upcoming event happening at IFGF PINOLE for the month of MAY.

1. Holy Communion Service 
On May 1st, we are looking forward to be visited by Ps. Caleb from IFGF Tokyo. We will also have Holy Communion as May 1st is our first Sunday of the month. Let’s prepare ourselves for this special day.

2. Mothers’ Day Celebration
May 8th in both Campuses (San Ramon & Pinole)
Let’s celebrate our favorite person aka moms and show our appreciation for the undescribable love our moms have for us. We also have many spiritual mothers in the church who care and love us. Let’s celebrate them too!

3. Prayer of Deliverance Gathering
May 21st 10 AM at Pastor Sugi’s house in Martinez
For those of you who want to continue growing in your Christian walk but face challenges, this gathering is for you. We will have a short teaching and will pray together for you!
Please talk to your CG leader for detailed information.

4. Activist Online Gathering
Saturday, May 7th and starts at 10 AM
Let’s reconnect with each other and be in the loop with all the updates of our church life.

5. Join one of our Care Groups.
DM us on Instagram @ifgfpinole.
Or you can also talk to one of our pastors or leaders so we can help you connect!
Let’s connect and build deeper relationships together!

6. We minister and serve as a way to honor and worship God.
Come join a ministry today by DM us on Instagram @ifgfpinole
or filling out the ministry form directly through ifgfpinole.org/serve.
Let’s build the church together!

7. Have you checked our new edition of IFGF Pinole 2021-2022 guide?
If not, go check it out at ifgfpinole.org/booklet
There are helpful pages to get to know more about our church, upcoming events & testimonies from our blessed members!

8. If this is your first time joining our service
or you live in the bay area and looking for a family in Christ
you are more than welcome to fill out our connect card – ifgfpinole.org/connect
Let’s get connected!